No power supply? How to sleep better every night

No power supply? How to sleep better every night

Sleeping is very important to human being as it helps to improve brain health; maintain body weight, reduces stress, and lowers blood pressure.

It also serves as natural remedy for fatigue, headache, body pain, among many other unhealthy conditions. It also ensures that the body enjoys maximum and regular growth. But do you know that this same action can expose you to a very critical health condition if it is not done properly?

In case you don’t know, let me quickly tell you that poor quality sleep can lead to grumpiness, heart-related diseases, obesity and diabetes. This is why you are advised to ensure you have a quality night rest because it pays not to sleep than having a regrettable one.

I am not here to scare you or stop you from sleeping. I am only using this article to let you know that having a better night sleep is non-negotiable. This article will also unveil the best ways to have quality night rest.

How to have a better sleep

1. Make a sleeping timetable

The first way to enjoy quality sleep is by making having a sleeping timetable. Do you feel like sleeping for eight hours in a day? Then make a to-do list that will provide you with the desired sleeping period.

You should ensure you stay glue to the timetable in order to have specific sleeping time and time to wake up the next day. Meanwhile, don’t forget that nursery school poem: “Early to bed means early to rise”

2. Take a warm bath before sleeping

Taking a warm bath before sleeping helps your body to relax appropriately and make you feel cool. It regulates the body temperature and it positively influences your sleep.

3. Create conducive environment for your sleep

It is very important you provide a very hygienic and conducive environment for your sleep. A clean environment is one of the major factors that will enhance your sleep. Ensure that dust and cobwebs are wiped off completely from the room. You should also maintain a perfect room temperature.

4. Choose the right mattress

Some people prefer sleeping on a firm mattress, while others would rather go for soft one. The most important thing is to know what your body wants and going for it.

Ensure that bed sheet and blanket are neatly spread over the Mattress. Endeavor to get a soft pillow one to lay your head.

5. Avoid distractions and noise

Some people might find it comfortable to sleep sound and relax while the stereo is switched on, while other would stay up all night at the slightest creak of breeze.

If you fall in the category of people who can’t sleep under slight noise, then you should ensure all sounds are switched off. Get rid of mobile phones and pets that might disturb your sleep.

6. Maintain a good sleeping position

Waking up with lot of pain and aches is as a result of unhealthy sleeping position. There are three types of sleeping positions which include the back, side and stomach.

The most efficient and recommended sleeping position is sleeping on the side because it makes sleeping more comfortable and relaxes the body more.

7. Avoid overeating before sleeping

The type and quantity of meals you take have its own effect on your sleep. To have a better night rest, I advised that your last meal should be 2 to 3 hours before bed time.

8. Avoid Caffeine before bed

Do away with caffeine-based product, such as coffee, if you want to have an amazing night rest. The effect of caffeine can last for hours, which can lead to no or less sleep.


You should consult a medical professional if you still find it difficult to have a better sleep despite ensuring the above conditions as there could be underlying health conditions responsible for that.