Low immune system? Here are ways to boost it during Covid-19 pandemic

Low immune system? Here are ways to boost it during Covid-19 pandemic

IMPORTANT NOTICE: No amount of supplement, exercise, or balanced diet can prevent one from contacting the dreaded coronavirus, to prevent yourself from contacting the virus, practice personal hygiene, social distancing (physical distancing) and always wear a mask when you are in a crowded place.

In this post we are going to show you some ways that can help to boost your immune system against not just the Covid 19, but any other ailment. When you have a sound immune, it will help your body to fight any anti-body that may tend to attack your body system.

In the light of the coronavirus (Covind-19) outbreak, it is easy to quickly assume that the reason you need to boost your immune system is to prevent being infected with the virus. While this is partly true, the real reason you need to boost or support your immune system is entirely hinged on what it does.

Just as security guards are employed to properly guard your house against robbers and the likes, your immune system is designed to protect your body from diseases and viral infection.

Your bodies defence against bacteria and viral infections can only be achieved when you have a rock solid immune system, in other words when your body immune system is weak, it becomes easier for you to be attacked by viruses and bacteria.

How can you boost your immune system

Eat foods rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to boost immunity. It is better to get vitamin C from oranges, broccoli, kiwi or cantaloupe rather than buying orange juice which contains a lot of sugar

Refine/ Balance your Diet

Eating a well balanced and a healthy diet is a major part to building your immune system. Having a healthy and balanced diet is one great way to boost your immune system. Endeavor to eat more of fruits and vegetables and try changing your diet to what will help your body and not what your appetite requires. This is because your appetite sometimes will require back to back only very tasty sandwiches and this may not help your immune.

Ensuring you get enough antioxidants in your diet will help combat free radicals responsible for suppressing your immune system. When we talk of eating fatty food, because you want to boost your immune system, it is advisable to consume fat gotten from oily fish and other appropriate sea food.

Eat more whole plant foods

Eat a lot of food derived from farm produce, for example fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes. These food have very high nutrients that will support your body against harmful antibodies.

Engage in moderate exercise

Give your body some moderate exercise as this is what is allowed for building your immune system during the covid 19 pandemic. In case you are the type that likes serious body building workouts, this will not help your immune. When you load up your body with hard and strenuous exercise, it will further breakdown your immune system and it will defeat your purpose.

Manage your stress level

Be it work, family, change or any of the other potential thousand triggers, keep a positive attitude:. Having a positive mental attitude is of immense benefit and will help you relax your mind avoiding any kind of stress because it will make you believe that nothing ever will go wrong.

Being positively minded

This is a way to avoid beating up yourself over what you cannot change. Identify your stress sources.

Life is all about understanding, when you understand that in life you win some you lose some, you will take things easier than you are presently handling them. Just know that some things will one way or the other get out of your control.

Ensure to get enough Sleep

You must ensure to get enough sleep, this is because when you do have enough sleep, the tendency for you to become sick is high. Research has shown that adults needs between six to eight hours of daily sleep. And it has been discovered that those who have such amount of sleep live healthier and are able to think better and faster than those who rarely have enough sleep.

It is advised that when you are sick, make effort to get adequate sleep, because when you sleep well your immune system will be well balanced to fight and defend your body against sickness of any kind.

When you strictly keep to these important points above and other things you can get from other good sources, then your immune is good to go.