How to use behavioral psychology

How to use behavioral psychology
Did you know that your mind plays a huge role in determining the kind of habit or behavior you possess or you think behaviors are involuntary actions that take place just like that?

Most of your behaviors are products of your mindset and thoughts, which is why you should know the full concept of behavioral psychology and its importance to you.

What’s Behavioral Psychology?

Behavioral psychology is the study of the relationship or connection that exists between our mind and our behaviors. In other word, behavioral psychology is the study of human behavior.

It is also known as behaviorism, and has been in existence for many years. The major importance of behavioral psychology is that it allows a behaviorist (scientist who is engaged in behavioral psychology) to predict another man’s behavior. It also allows them to find out the reason why man behave the way they do.

How to use behavioral psychology

There are different ways in which you can perfectly make use of behavioral psychology to better your life. However, we shall be discussing the top three ways you can get the best out of this aged but effective study.

1. You can use it in building and breaking of habits

You can use the behavioral psychology to break or create a new attitude, habit or behavior. One of the theories of behavioral psychology suggests that man will develop new characters or habits based on his environment.

This means you should endeavor to find a very perfect, clean and healthy environment whenever you are in search of a new apartment because of its ability to influence your habits.

It is also believed that you can stop your bad habits via behavioral psychology’s operant conditioning theory. Click here to learn more about the theories.

2. You can use it to teach your children

This is another way you can get the best from the whole behavioral psychology concept. It is revealed by many behaviorists that children shows much enthusiasm towards learning as long as there is a reward for them.

It is advisable you promise your children some laudable gifts if their results (report card) at the end of each term is impressive. This will go a long way to motivate them.

You can also deploy the concept Behavioral Psychology while teaching your children some moral lessons. This is because it encourages you to sometimes punish them if they exhibit unhealthy character.

Note that punishment shouldn’t be an intense one. You can prevent them from watching TV or deny them the chance to buy goodies just to help them develop the right attitude.

3. It is use if you want to improve your productivity

If a behaviorist can succeeded in spotting out the reasons for one’s behavior, then they should be able to detect how you can increase your productivity right?

Luckily, deploying the behavioral psychology can help you increase your productivity as it teaches you how to reward yourself whenever you make a right decision. Ensuring this attitude will equally motivate you to do more.


Behavioral psychology is not as popular as it used to be in the past, because many people now believe that it has a few shortcomings.

Nonetheless, you can make use of this lovely concept as it will surely help you improve your lifestyle and productivity.