How to stop bad habits and biuld good ones

How to stop bad habits and biuld good ones
When last did you check your lifestyle and habits? Are there habits you wish to dump because you felt they aren’t good enough? Are you finding it hard to create a new and better habit?

As much as I can’t answers to these questions on your behalf, I can definitely help you get better if you haven’t been able to develop new and good habits despite all your efforts. But wait! What is a habit?

Habits are not just the characters you portrait, they are one of the most important factors that will determine your future. They can make or mar your hopes and chances of becoming the person you always desire to be in the nearest future.

This is why it is very crucial you check your lifestyle and habits everyday to be sure you possess the ones that will brighten your present life and your future days to come.

What’s the meaning of bad and good habits?

Bad habits

Bad habits are the characters or lifestyle that often leads to waste of time and energy because they never enhance your growth and development.

These types of habits don’t just stop you from progressing in life, but also ensure that you are far behind in your mission to reach your goals.

Good habits

Good habits, on the contrary, are the habits that enhance your productivity in life. They increase your pace in your journey to achieving your purpose in life. They make you feel happy and confident because you have no reason to hide them or defend yourself after practicing them.

Five ways to dump your bad habits for good ones

I’m sure you would love to replace your bad habits with good one right? So, here are the best ways to achieve your dream of dumping your bad habits for the better and highly profitable ones.

1. Reset your mindset

Your actions or habits are as a result of your thoughts. Hence, the first way to break or dump a bad habit is by resetting your mindset.

Make up your mind to stop the negative and unwanted a habit. Note that resetting your mindset also includes being motivated and determined to do the right thing at the right time.

2. Destroy or ignore every activity that can trigger bad habits

In most cases bad habits are being triggered by some initial actions or activities. This is why you must do everything possible to ignore some events that might force you into exhibiting bad habits.

For instance, you’re likely to smoke if you go to bar. So, you must stop visiting bars. Change your environment if it makes it difficult for you to live a sane and healthy life.

3. Stay in the midst of people with desirable habits

Another way to dump bad habits for good ones is by staying the midst of people who possess the good habits you so much desire. This further lays more emphases on the society or environment you stay.

4. Involve a trustworthy companion

Dumping a bad habit isn’t what you can do on your own. Though you have 80% of the job, a trustworthy companion has a great role to play.

Your trustworthy companion will closely monitor your progress, and will motivate you if he feels you’re getting weary in your decision to create lovely habits.

5. Know the good habits you want and patiently build them

You can dump bad habits and develop good habit simultaneously; you just have to be patient and true to yourself.

Instead of giving-in to the urge to smoke, bring out your phone to play game until the urge subsides. You must find the best way to respond to your mind’s urge to carry out unhealthy attitudes as that is the best way to go.


As you begin your mission to develop good habits, you should endeavor to provide answers to the questions below as it will help you overcome your bad habits:

  • When did you start your bad habit?
  • How often do you do them in a day?
  • What is triggering them?
  • Who are your friends?