How to Make Smart Decisions and Avoid Bad Ones

How to Make Smart Decisions and Avoid Bad Ones

We all find ourselves making bad decisions at some points in life. This is common to the human being; simply because we have not learnt how to make smart decisions and avoid bad ones.

Here in this article, you will identify how to make smart decisions and avoid bad ones, from now.

  • Never Be Afraid of Consequences

Whatever you are making decisions on, overcome fear on it. When you are afraid of any decision you want to make, you may end up making the bad decision.

So, this means, as much as you are trying to make a decision that you will not regret its consequences; you must as well try as much as possible to overcome the fear of the consequences. So that you will make a smart decision and avoid bad ones.

  • Consult Your Gut Instinct

Did you know that sometimes, our instincts are the GPS we should trust when we are at the point of making decisions? If you are eager to make a smart decision and avoid bad ones, don’t neglect your instinct anymore.

At the junction, ask yourself what your instinct is saying, and the answer may be the perfect reason to go ahead or not with the decision you are about to make.

  • Don’t Ignore Your Emotion.

Here is another factor in determining when you want to make smart decisions and avoid and ones. This is because our emotion is a friend to decision making.

When you cannot think straight, your emotion is right there, viewing the road from a clear angle. That’s why you have to trust and not ignore your emotions again. Whenever you make up your mind on a particular decision, take a moment to observe your emotion and interpret it.

  • Don’t Dwell On Your Mistake.

Did you make a bad decision recently or time past, that you can’t get over or stop blaming yourself for?

Almost every one of us is in that category. So why dwelling on the bad decision made. You should stop it right now.

Because, if you don’t stop dwelling on your bad decisions, you may end up making more of them, and this will make you hate yourself. Tell yourself, those bad decisions are in the past, and now you are making the right decisions. This affirmation will help you to be more rational with decisions.

  • Don’t Be Pressurized.

Often, human being makes decisions, whether good or bad, based on social pressure. If you can identify that you are making a particular decision because of what society is saying, then you need to think again.

Your decisions should not be based on what people think, believe or want to accept. Although this factor helps us to make good decisions, sometimes. Yet, we have to make sure social pressure is not leading us to make a bad decision.

  • Seek for Evaluation

When you finally make the decision that seems good to you, ask someone else to evaluate it for you.

Many times, we don’t see some errors in our decisions until we seek for advice. Therefore, request for a friend or family that you trust to help you evaluate the decision you are about to make. Ensure the person is capable of making right and smart decisions too.


If you follow this guide keenly, you will always find it effortless to make smart decisions and avoid bad ones.