Social Intelligent is one of the features you must possess if you want to be the best in all your endeavors. The question is what is social intelligent and hoe does it boost my chances of becoming a better person?

This article will provide the best answers to the questions above and it will equally reveal the features of people who are socially intelligent.

Hence, you can’t afford to miss any aspect of this article if your dream is to have a very good future and healthy relationship with people around you. So, let’s get down to business.

What is Social Intelligent?

Social intelligent has various definitions because many Social Scientists and Psychologists, including as Ross Honeywill, Edward Thorndike and Nicholas Humphrey, had personal definitions based on their perspective.

According to Ross Honeywill, Social Intelligent is an aggregate measure of self and social awareness, evolved social beliefs and attitudes, a capacity and appetite to manage complex social changes.

As for Edward Thorndike, “Social Intelligence is the ability to understand and manage Men and Women, Boys and Girls, to act wisely in human relations.”

I simply define Social intelligent as the ability or feature that allows you to have a perfect knowledge of your environment, yourself and the people living around you.

It’s not an attitude or a character that can be developed overnight as it is often created as a result of constant interaction with people within your vicinity and beyond.

Top five features of a social intelligence individual

1. They are effective listeners

People who possess a social intelligence skill don’t just listen to give response at the end of every conversation, but also ensure they understand every point words spoken to them. They are calm and eager to ear listen to all you have to share with them.

2. They possess good conversational skills

People who belong to this category have the ability to have a heart-to-heart talk with anyone because they feel composed and secured with almost everyone. They are tactful and approachable; they possess high sense of humor and they are trustworthy.

3. They don’t argue unnecessarily

You will hardly see them argue with people over things that are irrelevant. They understand that proving a point by argument or making other people feel bad through argument isn’t a perfect way to pass information across to others.

These individuals don’t overwrite or underrate people’s opinions and believes as they pay attention even if they are not comfortable with such opinions.

How to Build Social Intelligence?

Having seen the impressive features of a social intelligent individual, I believe you are interested in developing social intelligence skills and I have come up with well-detailed tips on how you can achieve this aim. They are listed below:

1. Be Conscious of Your Environment

People who are socially intelligent are supper observant. They pay attention to what and who is around them in order to know how to relate with them.

2. Learn how to control your emotions

Becoming a social intelligence individual requires you to learn how to control your emotions because it is very important. Social Intelligence consists of emotional sensitivity which means you shouldn’t let your emotion get the best of you.

You should be able to detect when you are emotionally stable or not as it will help you overcome frustration and anger when socializing with others.

3. Appreciate and respect other people culture

You must understand the fact that we all have different cultures and upbringings as this will help you develop good social intelligence skills. You should learn to accept and respects new cultures in order to create stronger ties with your neighbors.

4. You should have a sound mindset

This is another way to build quality social intelligence skills because a sound mindset will enhance your social awareness. It also allows you to be psychologically ready and willing to interact with other people.

5. Give listening ears to everyone

As stated earlier, a good communication skill will help in improving social intelligence feature in you. Don’t shut other people up, avoid interrupting them while speaking. Help them feel comfortable and happy while discussing with you.


Apart from helping you know and understand your environment, social intelligence equally helps to have a very good reputation. Try to develop it if you must enjoy your existence in life.