How to Analyze Your Dreams

How to Analyze Your Dreams

Dreams! Dream! Dreams are inevitable in human life; sometimes, they get you worried while other days they seem uninteresting.

So, if you are eager like many other people on earth, to understand your dreams. We will teach you some simple tips on how to analyze your dreams.

Here is how to analyze your dreams;

  • Write Your Dreams

For you to get meaning out of your dreams, you must be able to read it. As it’s easy for everyone to forget dreams after a while, you shouldn’t take that chance a bit.

I will suggest you have a book for your dreams. It will not only help you remember your dreams; it will also help you connect them to the happenings in your life.

Therefore, anytime you get up on the bed, write down your dream so that you won’t forget and also to access them easily for clearer analyzes.

  • What Did You See in Your Dream?

This has to do with all the relevant and irrelevant images that occur to you in your dream. May I tell you that, as far as dreams are concerned, nothing is irrelevant.

When you see everything as relevant, you will not leave anything out of details. For instance, if you see your place of work, then your dream may be telling you something about your work.

Let’s say you saw the hospital; this may be a warning against sickness that could land you or someone close to you in the hospital.

  • Who Did You See in Your Dream?

Another step to take to know how to analyze your dream is to identify the relationship you have with anyone you saw in your dream. Know that dreams are not always what they portray to be.

Therefore, the people you saw are often symbols of part of yourself. So, the relationship you have with someone, in reality, determines what it means in the dream.

For example, if your parents are your top well-wishers in real life and you saw yourself fighting with them in the dream. This could mean that you are not doing what you should do in real life or you are at the point of making the wrong choice.

  • What Was Your Emotion?

Emotions are the best predictors of analyzing dreams. You should be able to identify the tone of your emotion in the dream, and it will go a long way.

Identify if you were happy, afraid, or you had mixed feelings, or you were sad when you expected yourself to be happy.

Sift through them, and they will lead you to the right meaning of your dream. For example, if you are happy in the dream, check why you were happy, and then relate it to your waking life.

  • Ask Your Dream Questions

Funny, right? Yes! after writing your dreams, and using all simple tips to analyze your dream, if you can’t get it, ask questions. Ask what the dream is saying to you.

Dreams come as warning, information, correction or news. If you can understand what aspect it is coming from, you will find it easier to get the meaning.

Let’s say you dreamt that you gave birth to a baby girl when you are a man or a lady that is yet to be married.

Of course, we all know a newborn, means a new beginning, but being a girl means the new beginning of something you are probably not expecting soon.

But to a pregnant woman, it may just mean that you desire a baby girl or you would give birth to a baby girl.


Analyzing dreams has to do with understanding the content of the dream. We believe these simple tips have guided you on how to analyze your dreams now.