Don’t Procrastinate, It’s A Delay To Actualize Your Vision

Don’t Procrastinate, It’s A Delay To Actualize Your Vision

The battle for relevance in the world today cannot be fought by people who are vision less. The vision of a man is what drives him to the fulfilment of his divine assignment on earth which can also be called your destiny.

It is common knowledge that everyone has a divine and unique calling to fulfil on earth, no matter your field of endeavor, if you don’t deal with this deadly vice we are discussing here today, it will be very difficult for you to fulfil your career goals. This vice is procrastination


Procrastination is another term for laziness. It is the act of delaying or postponing something to be done now for a later time. When you notice procrastination in someone, it is due to the fact that either a habit is formed or the task seem huge and he just wants to dodge from doing it. So we shift it to a later time.

Whenever you postpone a task you are supposed to get done at a particular timeto later time, you are procrastinating ad that is not for your good because it has grave consequences.


  1. – Time wastage
  2. – Leaving some important tasks undone
  3. – Loose the confidence of people
  4. -Put away helpers rom a person
  5. – Prolong the journey to career and destiny fulfilment.



Failure ultimately is the end result of procrastination. This is because they have formed and mastered the habit of putting off things for a later time, and in that process they leave the important things also undone.

Regrets and Sorrow:

The procrastinator will always end up with ‘oh!! Had I known’. They will have sorrow and regrets from unaccomplished tasks.


A procrastinator willalways find it difficult to climb to the top. He will loose his reputation because nobody will like to recommend him for any serious task.


It is important you carry out a self discovery process and look inward t discover if this killer trait is found in your life. Check if it has been formed as a habit in you. When you discover it has already eaten into the fabrics of your life, you have to fight it hard by doing the following:

  1. Deal with those thoughts and habits that often result in procrastination and walk them out of your life
  2. Areas where you know you can not help yourself out, seek for necessary assistance to help you overcome the problem
  3. Carefully carry out a self assessment test to know areas where you feel strong and areas where you are week.
  4. Make a to do list daily and strictly have a plan to achieving them all.
  5. Use alarms and reminders if you have problem with keeping appointments.

If you will need to as a friend or family member to keep you on check so as not to forget certain things that might be ok for the beginning as it will help be conscious someone else is watching