Na’andem – Dutsen Ceto (The Album)


Jos City music sensation, Na’andem releases the long anticipated project ‘Dutsen Ceto’ (The Album) which was launched late last month.

The new project ‘Dutsen Ceto‘ (The Album) houses 12 tracks in total and has featured artistes like: Silas, Nigerian Hebrew, Kespan (Yaron Zaki), Nerat Dido, Willy Killy & Mynungkop.



  1. Dutsen Ceto
  2. Wurin Yesu (feat. Silas)
  3. I Believe
  4. You Alone (feat. Willy Killy)
  5. I’m Blessed (feat. Kespan)
  6. I Sing
  7. Yabo (feat. Mynungkop)
  8. Yesu Zo (Allstars)
  9. Na Zo (feat. Nigerian Hebrew)
  10. Mercy (feat. Nerat Dido)
  11. Zan Tafi
  12. Unto Us.

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