Album: Kheengz – Pedestal EP | @yungkheengz

The long awaited EP of the indigenous Nigerian hip- hop act Kheengz is finally here .
The rapper had earlier this month released a single titled “ I Am North ” , a song that addresses the stereotypes attributed to the Northern Nigerian region .
What ’ s so special about the EP ? That might probably be the question running through the mind of many fans right now .
Well , the EP as expected is a total break from the norm coversant with Nigeria hip- hop today . For fans of Kheengz , the best is always expected and received as desired.
“ Pedestal ” which is the title of the EP is an eight track project which can be described as simply a masterpiece .
Kheengz in the past few months has been involved in a lot of activities across the country of late, and is looking to penetrate deeper into the Nigerian music market with his “ Pedestal” EP .
Here is the “ Pedestal” EP .


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